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Mestre Paulo Batuta
Mestre Paulo BatutaPaulo Batuta formed San Diego's Capoeira Mandinga group in the spring of 1999 with the consent of Master Marcelo Caveirinha, founder of Capoeira Mandinga in San Francisco, CA.

Capoeira Mandinga of San Diego performs regularly at well-known festivals and events including San Diego's Street Scene, Brazilian Carnaval, Casino Shows, Pacific Beach Fest, Latin Book Festival, and many other multicultural events.

Our group holds classes at, andamong other places as well as open rodas at Belmont Part, Mission Beach.
"Mandinga" is a certain way of being, a way of conducting one's self, a way of expression... You either have it, or you don't. Join us and see what this is all about...
As for "Planet Brazil" - this is our group's very own compilation of the best in Brazilian dances and beats. Capoeira, samba, maculelê, forró, samba-reggae, dança do côco & much more... we have it all!

Come see us in action at one of these contagiously up-beat, fast-paced, high-energy performances - we're sure you'll love it!